Finding Time

Life likes to throw many curve balls at you during life especially one after the other. But that won’t stop me well maybe for a little. I was sick for a week and tried my best to stay on pace and of course, I struggled with one lesson because I couldn’t find it. So I came back to everyone having it complete and I still have no hot clue on how this thing works. That thing is the timeline and this blog is on exactly that.

Right now I still am finalizing my organization for my project and defining it on paper. I will be setting dates by the end of the week and will be able to fully dive into my project this weekend.

At this moment I have slit my project into sections, with important milestones I have to complete in each section with specific goals I need to reach. So I split my project into three then I split it into many milestones and split each milestone into a handful of goals.

Stage one is completing all the art I need. The first milestone is I have to have at least 10 sketches to my likings. I then broke it up into smaller task to complete. My first one is to finish 3 sketches. The second is to draft ideas for my next 3 sketches and once complete, I have to draft them and physically have at least half of it done. Finally, it will be to finish those three and then repeat until I have 10 that I am happy with. The second milestone is to complete 6 paintings. I will complete my brainstorm ideas for the paintings. Then I will begin on my first two and have a rough draft sketch done. I then will complete by painting and repeating until I have my target number. Milestones three is the photographs. I would like to hold 2 shoots and have 5 photos to use. First I would have to draft my shoots and contact people if needed. I then have to go and shoot and to complete I will sort and edit the photos.

My next section is planning the event. I know I need to start that as soon as possible because I have to keep the end goal in mind. So first I have to decide on what day of the week I would like to hold my event, possible dates, possible locations. After I need to contact locations and book the event to rent the space. I then need to figure out my floor plan and agenda and write invites. I then will have a media release closer to the event date so I will need to section time to Kurt focus on this task. I then will have to write a script. I will also need to shoot my art so I can display it nice and large. For the event, I will need to print the photos of all my art and photographs. And find a way to hang them or find stands.

My final section is the event itself. I will have to do a rehearsal the day before but for the day I have to set up, do my speech, ask for feedback and peoples opinions and step back to see all the work I’ve done. And reflect on it.

I decided to section off my project like this to best organize everything u need to do. I originally had it in double the number of sections but milestones and sections began to overlap and it was getting too complicated and overwhelming. As well as when I think of my project I think of the event, the planning for the event and the art.

It may seem overwhelming but it makes more sense in my timeline. Just like how I use my art to find the words and thought I can’t explain.

Until next time!

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